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About Thrive Chiropractic

More Bandwidth for Living

There’s a saying that “when you have your health, you have one thousand dreams, but when you don’t have your health, you have only one—to have your health again.” At Thrive Chiropractic, we strive to help practice members realize that one dream, so they can go on to dream big again. We want to help you unleash your innate healing power because when you’re feeling great and moving great, it gives you more bandwidth for doing the things you love.

You experience life through your five senses of touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell, and when your nervous system is not functioning correctly because of subluxations, your experience of life is diminished and you suffer with dysfunction and pain.

Our goal for every practice member is contained in our tagline—extraordinary health, extraordinary life. We want to guide you on your journey to creating the best health and the best life possible, through tailored chiropractic adjustments and education. Many people instinctively want to avoid medications if possible, but they don’t know how. We are here to help you live a healthy, pain-free life of exceptional experiences and unlimited joy, without drugs or surgery.

Celebrating Victories

After over thirty years of practice, we have come to expect amazing results. We have countless stories of practice members who sought our care as a last resort, having given up hope of ever feeling great again. One woman, who is still a practice member, came to us with severe back and leg pain. We were her last option to avoid surgery. Working together, we helped correct the problem and she not only avoided surgery, she was also able to start traveling again. Her first trip was to go ziplining in Las Vegas!

Serving Our Community

Dr. Mike and Dr. Laura began practicing here in 1989, then practiced in Simi Valley for twenty-three years. They recently moved the practice back to Westlake Village so they could work closer to home and serve the Conejo Valley community they love.

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